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Many studies conclude that vaporizing is the healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaporizing is thought to be healthier by eliminating the combustion of plant materials, which can release toxic compounds and irritants. Vaping circumvents these risks by gently heating an extract to the best temperature that will release active and beneficial compounds without combusting. As a result, we believe vaping is the best delivery system that can reap the full benefits of CBD extracts.

When you inhale something into your lungs, you want to be confident that you are being safe. American Shaman CBD only employs labs complying with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GCMPs). Our competitors may use labs not in compliance with GCMP regulations, and anything they produce is considered adulterated and unsafe for human consumption so please be safe. Rest assured our batches are constantly tested and only produced for safe human use.

We are the premier vape supplier in Orange County, CA and are proud to offer you the safest and most effective way to use our beneficial extract. We believe CBD to be the next medical breakthrough and are happy to offer you a safe and easy way to reap the benefits.

Whether you have your own vaping device or want to use our disposable CBD hemp oil vaporizer, we strive to be the best CBD vaporizer supplier in the industry and only offer high-quality products. We are proud to supply this cutting-edge product as a naturally flavored extract or spearmint, banana, and blueberry e liquid flavors. If you have any hesitations, please feel free to call or email us with your questions.

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